10 Things Lyft and Uber Riders Should Absolutely Never Do

things lyft and uber riders should not do

Uber and Lyft are becoming an integral part of daily life for many people. Drivers work very hard to keep their car in excellent condition. Most Lyft and Uber riders understand and respect the fact that rideshare drivers are using their personal vehicles and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Over the years, however, I’ve seen Lyft and Uber riders do things that don’t just violate the Terms of Service of either rideshare company. They’re also disrespectful to others. While most drivers have pet peeves, some things are just common courtesy that many Lyft and Uber riders fail to do. Unfortunately, these things often result in low ratings for the passengers.

1. Do not order a ride for an unaccompanied minor

Please, never do this. It is against both Lyft’s and Uber’s Terms of Services. In some municipalities, it is against the law, and depending on the age of the minor, it can be a Child Protective Services issue.

uber riders who are unaccompanied minors

There is no protection for either the driver or rider if an unaccompanied minor is in the vehicle should something happen. Because it is against the Terms of Services, the rideshare insurance will not cover any incidence. Both the driver and the account holder can and will have their account deactivated should Uber or Lyft become aware that an unaccompanied minor took a rideshare trip.

2. Do not order a ride if you have a child but no car seat for the child

It is against the law for a child to ride in a car without a car seat. Do not expect your driver to break the law for you. And more importantly, do not argue with the driver for canceling the ride if no car seat is available. Put your child’s safety first, and do not order a ride if you can’t provide a car seat.

3. Do not bring an open container of alcohol into your Uber or Lyft car

It is against the law to drive with an open container. Use your common sense, and don’t do it. In addition to being against the law, it’s just not a good idea to have an open drink in the car, the potential to spill is just too high. If you do spill, you can expect to see up to a $250 charge on your account. If the driver must stop driving to clean up your mess, he is losing money and time, and it is your responsibility to compensate him for that.

4. Do not light up your cigarette or vape. You are not the only person to get a ride in that car

Things Lyft and Uber riders shouldn't do

It is disrespectful to the next passenger who will smell your stink. Be considerate of other people. Secondhand smoke is a danger, and you have no right to put other people’s health at risk because you can’t do without a smoke for the short time you are in a car. It stinks, it’s dangerous, and it’s rude. Do not light up!

5. Do not eat in your Uber or Lyft

Much like the cigarettes, it can leave a lasting odor and can be an issue for the next Lyft and Uber riders. Every rideshare driver tries their best to get a 5-star rating from every single ride. Unfortunately, some things are out of their control.

A driver could get a poor rating from the next passenger simply because the smell of your food is permeating the car. Also, the potential to spill your food is high. When this happens, do not be surprised to see a charge on your account for up to $250.

Lyft and Uber riders eating in car

If your accident causes the driver to lose time and money to clean up your mess, it is your responsibility to compensate him for that time. It can be a costly lesson.

6. Don’t keep your driver waiting

We understand that sometimes it takes a minute to get out the door. But don’t wait until it is time for your ride to arrive to decide to fix yourself a snack. When you order your ride, be ready.


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It is best if you are outside waiting for your driver. But even if you can’t be outside, at least be prepared to step out as quickly as possible once your driver has arrived. You will be charged for wait time if the driver must wait more than 2 minutes for you and after 5 minutes the driver has the option to cancel and charge you a cancellation fee. It is impolite and unnecessary to keep your driver waiting. Don’t order your ride until you are sure you are ready to go.

7. Do not schedule a stop that is going to take you more than 5 minutes

Uber and Lyft both have suggested the time limit of five minutes for a stop. All too often these days, people schedule a ride to Walmart to do their grocery shopping and expect their driver to wait.

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A driver has the option to cancel your ride after 5 minutes. If you have left something in the vehicle and are gone more than the five minutes suggested, expect to pay a $15 property return fee. If I must cancel a ride and the rider left something in my car, my rider will have to go to the Uber hub to pick up their property.

As drivers, we do not get paid enough to sit and wait for you to do your grocery shopping. If it is going to take you more than five minutes, end your ride, run your errands and then order a new ride.

8. Do not leave your garbage in the car

We are not your mother nor your housekeeper. Take your trash with you. The next person who gets in the car does not want to see your garbage laying around. Many times, we have back to back rides and no time to check the backseat after you leave to make sure you are a responsible adult.

How would you like to be all dressed up for an interview or an important date and must get into a car where somebody left their trash lying around? Be respectful of the driver’s property and clean up after yourself.

9. Do not slam the car doors

Be respectful of the driver’s property and do not slam the car doors. Some drivers will automatically give you a 1-star if you slam their doors. Doors aren’t indestructible. Too much slamming can and will cause damage.

Lyft and Uber riders slamming car doors

If you slam the door and the door breaks you will see a charge on your account for the amount to fix the door. It could run into thousands of dollars. I’m sure you do not slam your car doors so please don’t slam ours. We need our cars to be in perfect working condition to do our job. Do not take our livelihood away from us because you cannot control how hard you close the door.

10. Do not forget to tip

Uber and Lyft drivers provide a service just as a waitress or hairdresser does. You would never consider not tipping your wait staff 20%. It’s the same for rideshare drivers.

While most drivers do not expect a tip, it is important to know that tips are not included or required, but they are much appreciated. We are already saving you a lot of money from what you would have to pay a taxi driver, and you would tip that taxi driver, so please remember to tip your driver accordingly.

Don’t be one of the worst passengers your rideshare driver would ever meet in their rideshare business. If you want to protect your rider rating, take all these suggestions seriously. Most items on this list are common sense and common courtesy.

A little bit of respect for your driver and his car will go a long way. It could improve your relationship with the driver, resulting in higher ratings for you, and a much happier driver equaling a much more pleasant ride.


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