Australian Uber riders to be first to trial commuting that combines Uber and public transit. Chicago next!


Dubbed “Uber and Transit” will enable users to use routes integrating uber and public transit options to save travel time. This new feature will first roll out to customers in Sydney Australia as the tech giant trials whether mixing both public and private transport can add real value.

Uber riders could for instance catch an UberX ride to a train station or ferry or bus stop, saving time, saving money or both. New South Wales Transport and Roads Minister Andrew Constance said “it will give passengers a chance to pick the fastest and cheapest commute.”

‘This collaboration is so great, because it will help people make better decisions about getting around our city and as a result help to reduce congestion, which is a win for our transport commuters and a win for our drivers.’  

The upgraded feature follows the display of public transport services on the app last year. But that early version only allowed users to compare whether it would be faster to travel using public transit or Uber services. 

In the United States, Chicago will be the first city where the integrated “Uber and Transit” system will work. Closely mixing the two modes of transport and giving customers more options undoubtedly provides customers and the environment a “win”. Theoretically, drivers should be able to be presented with more efficient rides vs being stuck in arduous traffic, though this remains to be proven in upcoming real-world trials.

Source: Uber feature aimed shaving time customers journeys


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