Best Uber Signs for Cars: Should You Get One?

Uber signs

So you’ve been cruising around giving rides for a couple of months now. One day, you notice that another driver has some incredibly cool decoration on his dash or hanging off her headrest displayed for the backseat. You instantly think, wow I am totally off my game?! Then you think, I need to update my ride with an LED Uber signs, a window decal, or maybe you want to install a tip/rating infographic signage?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Uber Driver Things not only offers a cool selection of products that can up your rideshare game. We are also here to tell you which is the best to get and why, so buckle up!

Why Do Some Drivers Use Uber Signs?

The first question I asked when I saw signage that was not standard trade dress was, why? I’ll admit that I was initially confused about the phenomena. Uber and Lyft both made the system so simple to grasp that I truly didn’t know why there was a need to use Lyft or Uber signs on our cars. That was until I drove for longer.

Uber and Lyft both provide drivers with decals and trade dress that clearly denotes that your car is a rideshare car. Not to mention riders also have access to your name, picture, and license plate. The process is so streamlined that it might seem counter-intuitive to add signage.

So what is it that has drawn so many drivers to add high powered LED lights and fancy Lyft and Uber signs in their rides?

Many riders have no idea of the inner mechanisms that govern our rideshare experience. Ratings, tips, and how the rideshare driver makes his or her living are somewhat of a mystery. Once I had the sixth or seventh conversation about how the system works with riders, I decided to take a deeper look. It is also important to understand signage as an important way to protect yourself from potential threats to your rideshare business, more on that below.

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Should You Use Signage?

Look, rideshare as a gig is a flexible business. If you are part-time and using the platforms as a side hustle, it might not be super important to you. However, if you’ve made the commitment to driving full-time, you need to protect yourself.

One of the ways to do that is to be ahead of the game. Full-time drivers shouldn’t be reactionary. You can’t afford to clean up a bad rating or come home with only $5 in tips per week. What if you were ahead of the issue? Well, signage can help illuminate different concerns for your riders. Many studies suggest that putting the information in front of the consumer elicits a positive response in their subconscious.

Think about it this way. Riders are often thinking about the things they have to do. Most won’t even think twice about tipping or rating you with high marks. It isn’t because you did something wrong, it just is. But, if you place the information right in front of their faces you stand a much better chance of triggering the subconscious conversation. Before we go too far down the rabbit hole of psychology 101, let’s take a look at the types of rideshare signs available on the market.

Where to Buy

Many places offer signage online. Ultimately, your choice depends on the kind of experience you hope to give your riders. If you want the standard options, Amazon has a wealth of choices that they can deliver to your doorstep quickly through Prime Shipping.

If you are looking for a more personalized or creative vibe, I would recommend going on Etsy where there are a ton of personalized varieties available. Customization lets you add your personal flair. For example, you could put your name on your signage. This is super advantageous for drivers who are a tad on the shy side.

Types of Uber Signs

Hundreds of options are available from LED light-up Lyft and Uber signs to magnetic signage for your car’s exterior, window clingers, and more. So, which is good for what?

Our goal here at Uber Driver Things is to build a battle plan for your rideshare business so that you can take your game to the next level.

LED (Light-Up Signs)

The first category we will tackle is arguably the most attractive, at least to those of us who like shiny things.

LED or light-Pp signs are a trademark look for rideshare vehicles. The first and most desirable options are the rideshare standards: the UBER Beacon and the Lyft Amp. These two LED/Light-Up signs are number one for many reasons.

Why are Uber Beacon and Amy Lyft Top-of-the-Line?

First, many see it as a rite of passage as you have to earn them. Uber Beacon requires at least 500 rides and a rating above 4.5 on your driver app. For the Lyft Amp, you need to reach Gold or Platinum Accelerate Reward Status, with at least 250 rides.

Second, they help ease the stress and complexity of ride pickups. Both have the ability for the rider to choose a corresponding color for their car. This aids the rider and driver to locate each other in the dead of night and in busy or overly crowded pickup areas. It also helps refine the entire experience as a whole.

Both devices provide distinct features. Amp greets riders with LED text and shows them a clearly defined E.T.A. in addition to the corresponding light system. Lyft’s Amp was the first to the market and its pink glow is highly coveted by Lyft drivers. Unfortunately, it falls short of the technical prowess of the Uber Beacon.

Uber’s Beacon throttles the competition by implementing a killer set of safety features. If you get into an accident and have the Uber Beacon installed, its gyroscope and GPS system will alert Uber. They would then initiate a safety check by calling the rider and driver. This feature can be vital especially during situations when you or rider can’t call for help. The faster you can get first-responders to your location, the better.

What if You are Just Starting Out?

We know that not everyone has reached the requirements to boast an Uber Beacon or an Amp Lyft. So, what is a good substitute for someone who still wants to add an LED Lyft or Uber sign? The following list provides you with three of the best options in the LED category.

  1. Best Look: The Dual Option LED from Huttronics features both UBER and Lyft in one simple LED sign. The price is a steal considering it’s wireless, rechargeable, and bright. They also make an UBER only sign, if you don’t offer Lyft as part of your rideshare business.
  2. Best Beacon Mimic: BtbToc’s Uber Beacon mimic is a low-cost alternative to the Beacon. It has a simple suction cup application with a bright blue LED to attract your rider.
  3. Dual Value Pick: WYEWYE Rideshare Sign features clearly defined signage for both Uber and Lyft at a fraction of the cost of the Huttronics model. Suction cups anchor the signage, devalues it somewhat.
  4. UBER Value: DreCar’s LED Uber sign is a steal at under $10. It only offers UBER as an option and thus will only really attract Uber drivers.

Glow Uber Signs


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If LED lights are too much for you, either because of their bling factor or their general cost, what about some glow signage? Uber Glow Light features a non-LED glow sign that comes in at a competitive price point of $19.95. They also feature additional dual company signage in the same format.

Magnetic Signs

I rarely see a magnetic option for application on the exterior of a rideshare ride. Many riders don’t seem to be attracted to window cling signage and LED/Glow options advertising your rideshare on the exterior. This does beg the question about advertising on your rideshare ride.

I do not recommend placing signage on your vehicle as this can potentially get you deactivated by either platform. Advertising options are in the works with both Uber and Lyft. Recent feedback has the rideshare giants looking at options to retain drivers and increase earnings. However, we may not see perks like these for some time.

With that being said, there is a magnetic cling sign that I think many drivers must have. In the wake of minor riders and the abuse that goes along with it (see our article on minor riders), it’s time for us to do something about it. You could get a Notice to Minors sign for the cool price of $9.99.

Window Clings

Window clingers are another option that rideshare drivers have to display their trade dress. Both Lyft and Uber give you appropriate trade dress to display in both front and back windows. But if you want to add additional Lyft or Uber signs to your side windows, you could! The best part is these options are often affordable.

You could also have a window decal that reminds riders to close your doors gently. Let’s face it, you’ll have several passengers who will bang your door. Anything you could do to remind that they should be careful would be a great help.

Other Window Clings are available on Amazon. if you prefer to get a non-LED sign. However, I think that the general consensus for Lyft and Uber signs is that LED is king.

Backseat Hanger Signage

Perhaps the most essential Lyft or Uber sign to have in your vehicle is a sign that features education for riders on the nuances of ratings and tips.

Signage can greatly increase your chances of accumulating tips and higher ratings. If you are looking to do the rideshare thing long-term, ratings and tips will be critical. You have many choices on signs that cover this specific type of signage.

lyft and uber sign

Most feature a similar style that highlights phone charging cords, a plea for the rating with five stars, tipping etiquette, and a brief cordial greeting to the rider. The following are some of my favorites!

  1. Most Versatility: LOTUS-A Rating Tips Accessories Rideshare features a dual-sided sign as well as a dash sign complete with hooks and rope to attach signage to the back side of the front seats. This value pack captures all of the conversations in a succinct and clean way that provides an entire conversation about rideshare manners in one fell swoop. For the price of $9.97 you can’t go wrong.
  2. Additional Looks: If you don’t like the style of the LOTUS brand, SAHEL offers two killer options that provide a different style. The first one looks like this. Here’s another variation which you might like.

Battery- or USB-powered Uber Signs?

I’ve gotten this question a lot in regards to signs. I believe it to be unequivocally slanted towards battery-powered signage. No one wants to contend with cords. So, if you can spend the extra dollars on getting a sign that plugs in and charges, that’s better!

Cords are a nuisance and can also be a safety hazard for both you and the rider. I know that it should not be stated, but please do not try to plug and unplug lights or any other feature while driving. It is always smarter to pull over and plug the device in or even wait for a lull in between rides to do it. Your sign is not that important when safety is considered.

Stand Out in a Good Way!

Getting back to the reasons for implementing solid signage, the answer is because you need to treat your rideshare like a business.


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Standing out is a critical part of any business plan and rideshare is not any different. Whether you fully deck out your ride with signage, snacks, charging cords or not is a business decision. There is no doubt that riders notice drivers that take initiative. Signage is just one of the many ways in which you can make your rider’s experience 1ox better than the next rideshare driver.

I’ve found that the more bells and whistles you add to your rideshare ride, the greater the chance of a rider being excited about their ride. That almost always equates to higher ratings and tips. Money is the name of the game, maximize your chances wherever you can.

What if Passengers Don’t Like It?

I have heard from many drivers that they are nervous to display ratings or tip signage in the car for fear that riders might be annoyed by it. My answer to this rebuttal will always be that you cannot please everyone. You’ll always have the odds out grump who gets turned off. However, if you could capture all of the tips that otherwise would not find their way into your pocket, would you really turn it down?

A $10 investment on signage can pay you back a hundredfold. The over-under is that you may get one bad rating from a rider who didn’t like it, but you’ll get 10 riders who otherwise might not have tipped you.

Rating and Tip Implications

One guarantee that I can make from my own experience is that your rating will not only skyrocket but so will your tips!

Many might argue that asking or begging for tips lowers your chances.  Recent psychological studies often show evidence of the contrary. The fact is, many riders don’t understand the etiquette of tipping a rideshare driver. Signage can bring up this uncomfortable topic with little or no effort. Often, the rider will tap into their subconscious etiquette routine and open their pocketbook for you just because you’ve reminded them! Why not take the chance?

With rideshare rates declining for drivers across the country, it is important to upscale your tip-haul in any way possible. Want to put a tip jar in your vehicle? Here are the pros and cons of having a tip jar.

Using Signs to Eliminate Potential Threats

Signs can be an important ally in avoiding problems with riders. There are many signs available for just about every major rider issue: from minors and door slammer to pukers or to denote that you are recording your riders with a dashcam.

Using signage to alert your passengers to the rules and regulations of Uber and Lyft helps to keep your business afloat in an increasingly volatile market. Horror stories abound with drivers getting deactivated because of minors riding, riders sneaking alcohol into the car, or worse claiming that a driver was drunk. If you use signage effectively, you can stop these problems dead in their tracks. I encourage the minor sign most of all as this is a hot button issue in today’s rideshare climate.

Is It Legal or Illegal to Have a Sign (Light-Up) in My State?

This question is answered on a state by state basis. Most states in the US do not disqualify signage from being displayed. But it is imperative that you do your due diligence and research this question fully.

The rule of thumb is that signage should not obscure your view of the road. So whether you put them on your windshields or side windows, make sure to keep them out of driver view. Common sense would dictate that you shouldn’t place signage in front of your side view or rearview mirrors, as that would prompt an officer to pull you over straight away. Signage should make you money, not cost you money on tickets, so beware!

RECAP: Best Selling Lyft and Uber Signs

Recapping what we have covered, these are the ten best signs to purchase and place in your ride immediately!

  1. The Dual Option LED from Huttronics – A killer dual option LED high end option.
  2. BtbToc’s Uber Beacon mimic – A great low-cost alternative to the UBER Beacon.
  3. WYEWYE Rideshare  – A perfect value for a dual sign for both UBER and Lyft.
  4. DreCar’s Uber LED – A max value LED sign for Uber drivers. I have also seen a Lyft option.
  5. Uber Glow Light – A classy, LED alternative to the Uber Beacon.
  6. Notice to Minors sign – A crucial magnetic cling to aid you in thwarting the invasion of minors.
  7. Please Close Door Gently Sign – A window decal that helps keep your doors from being slammed.
  8. LOTUS-A Rating Tips Accessories Rideshare – A super-value pack of rating and tips signage to aid you in educating your riders.
  9. SAHEL – One and Two – An alternative to the LOTUS signage.
  10. UBER Beacon and Amp Lyft – The Marquis signage for any rideshare driver.


All in all, signage can be both a daunting task to tackle and an incredibly rewarding addition to your rideshare business model. Full-time drivers will benefit the most from adding the ten signs we have listed above. That is not to say that part-time drivers won’t also benefit from them as well.

Whether you are looking to smooth out the process of connecting with your riders in busy areas or you are trying to deck your ride out with colorful fun lights, signage can certainly help you level up your rideshare game.

I recommend starting small and getting a single sign first, depending on which area of improvement you deem the most necessary. If you need a boost in ratings or tips, grab a backseat hanging education based sign. If you drive at night and haven’t gotten your Uber Beacon or Amp Lyft sign, go grab a cool glow or LED light Lyft and Uber signs. If you’re struggling with minors or door slammers, get yourself a magnetic cling or a window decal to stop annoyances in their tracks.


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