Too Drunk to Help, Man Calls Uber to Rescue Injured Bird

uber driver rescues bird

When you set off each day as an Uber driver, kissing your spouse, dog, cat, or whatever else you kiss as you leave your digs, you never can be quite sure what adventures are ahead of you. Yep, easing along the highways and byways, you never just know who your next passenger will be.

A case in point happened just a day or two ago.

Good Times with Friends

Tim Crowley and three of his friends were in party mode in Clinton, Utah. They were sitting outside, enjoying the air, chewing the fat and drinking beer when the unexpected happened.

uber driver rescues bird

A baby bird dropped from nowhere and landed in front of them. They had no idea where it had fallen from. But one thing was clear. It needed some medical attention. Crowley maintained a clear head and telephoned Animal rescuers from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. They advised Crowley that they should bring in the inflicted bird and Crowley agreed that he would.

Who You Gotta Call?

As soon as he hung up the phone, he realized that he was in no state to drive, and so are his friends. One of them joked that they should call an Uber. Chortles happened, and then the notion sank in. It was a grand notion! They used Uber all the time to get them around- why on earth wouldn’t they a bird in need of medical attention.

Clicking on the app- they summoned an Uber. After a driver accepted a ride, they decided to call them and let them know precisely what they were getting into. Not wanting to get wrapped up in the bizarre world of transporting birds or probably trying to avoid what sounded like a potentially dangerous scenario, the driver promptly canceled.

Crowley was a determined individual and obviously a good-natured sort. They arranged for a second Uber to come over- but decided not to explain their reasoning until the car had arrived.

Minutes later, a female driver pulled up, and the four of them were eager to tell her about their story and their new feathered friend.

Uber Driver Saves the Day — erm, the Bird

Their cunning plan paid off, and she gladly accepted.

That is how it came to be. A nice female Uber driver pulled up outside the WRCNU with the bird resting on the back seat. That Uber driver is a credit to all rideshare drivers the world over! After all, we are in the service industry and she ultimately delivered great customer service! You go, girl!

Wasting no time, the rescue workers jumped into action and gave the bird the appropriate treatment. They like the bird so much they gave him a name: “Petey Uber.”

Uber driver saves injured bird

“Petey Uber,” is making a good recovery and the workers are confident he will be ready to be let out back into the world at the end of summer. That’s just in time for Petey to join a fellow flock and head off to migration.

So, there we have it —a happy ending! Thanks to Tim Crowley being in the right place at the right time and maintaining a level head in the time of crisis. That’s a great lesson that everyone should remember: Keep calm and know who to call and what to do when you get into an accident.

Bravo Mr. Crowley….Bravo indeed.


  1. What a delightful vignette! Taken by suprise…! A lighter side of his usual prose; i thoroughly enjoyed this! But what else can we expect from PS Gifford?


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