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You may have seen our recent post, about Fair and other rental options Uber and Lyft drivers can use. Well, Fair and Uber have just come out with a brand new program to help drivers. This partnership has been in effect for under two years now since Fair absorbed the Uber Xchange Leasing program. Fair has been touted as one of the best ways to get into a rideshare car, and it may have just gotten better.

What is Fair?

Launched in 2018, Fair was designed as a program to aid drivers who needed an affordable option for car ownership.

According to Fair’s Public Relations team, Fair is:

Fair offers a new way to get a car that responds to consumer demand for more freedom. Fair gives customers the flexibility to drive the car they want for as long as they want and lets them walk away any time, eliminating the long-term commitment of traditional financing or leasing. And Fair allows you to select your car, miles and view your payments—all in a mobile and paperless end-to-end experience that’s simple, transparent and affordable. Fair is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. For more information, please visit www.fair.com and follow them on Twitter at @fairtheapp.

Fair Credits Come to Uber Pro Drivers Who Use Fair

According to today’s press release, 2019 Fair and Uber will announce an expansion of their partnership. This expansion will include a credit system for drivers that use Fair and are in good standing with Uber Pro. These credits will scale up for each level of Uber Pro from Gold, to Platinum, to Diamond, respectively.

So what will the credits do?

If you are currently a Fair driver and you are a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond driver with Uber Pro, then you can expect to see monthly credits. These credits will be available to use against what you owe for your Fair car, making it a lot easier to manage your rideshare business.

Uber Pro and Fair Credits
Uber Pro

This is an exciting development that once again shows Uber trying to come back to the driver’s side. In effect, the credits will allow Fair car users to reduce the cost of operating their rideshare vehicles.

But How Much Will Uber Pro Drivers be Getting?

Well, therein lies the real question. At first glance, it all seems like a really great deal. A reward for Uber Pro that actually helps you reduce costs. Great right? Fair cars are advertised as a low-cost option to get into a car, and at $195 on average per week, they are not lying. However, the Fair Credit only affords drivers a maximum of $40 per month for Diamond drivers who hold a rating of 4.85 and above. Uber Platinum receives a $20 credit, and Uber Gold receives a $10 credit.

That’s it? $40?

Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. This seems to be a pilot program as it is currently only available to test out in the California and Georgia markets. For all other test markets, Uber Gold through Diamond drivers will receive a variable discount on the downpayment for a Fair vehicle. The discount here is pretty sizable ranging from $120 to $160 off the initial payment of $500 to get into the car. This is the most significant barrier for most drivers who are considering Fair as an option. With this discount in effect, it is obvious that Fair and Uber are looking to sway more drivers to their platform.

So, What Does This Mean?

Ultimately, it means that Uber is trying to come up with functional programs to help both veteran and new drivers succeed in the rideshare industry. It isn’t huge, yet, by any means, but it is a step in the right direction. As a Fair car user myself, I can state with confidence that my Fair car experience has been great. Not only did I get into a vehicle at a low cost, but I am not tied down by an auto-loan or by substantial maintenance costs. Fair is an excellent option for all drivers who need a new ride to stay on the Uber platform. With this credit system, it may just have gotten a lot better.

What’s Next for Uber Pro and Fair?

In my estimation, a more expansive Fair and Uber Pro credit system will be on the horizon. It is clear that Uber is fully supportive of the Fair program, and they want them to succeed. If they can lower the operational costs of drivers, they may very well win over a large segment of drivers. When they roll out the full program in what will most likely be next year, there might be a lot more drivers using Fair.


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