How to ALMOST Guarantee Your UBER Passengers Give You a 5 Star Rating Every Single Time

UBER Drivers - Get a 5 Star Rating Guaranteed

Let’s face it, there are times when you will get a bad rating from a passenger, even if you do everything right. Some people are hard to please, having a bad day, or are difficult to work with. UBER recognizes this, and that’s why passengers can also be rated.

But it is important to do what you can to get a 5-star rating whenever possible to offset those occasional bad ratings. Let your rating drop too low and you could risk deactivation by UBER. The higher your rating, the more earning power you have.

There are a lot of things that UBER drivers do to try to guarantee a 5-star rating every single trip. Some of these might seem controversial, some of them might cost you a bit of money up front, and some of them are simply based on courtesy. What you decide to do to try to give the best possible experience to your passengers is entirely up to you, but here are 9 tips from experienced drivers.


How often have you just left a restaurant, meeting, or social engagement and wished for something to wet your mouth and throat? Many of your passengers will be in one of these situations, and while not all of them will accept such refreshment from a stranger, offering it can increase their opinion of you. Keeping a few bottles of water, mints, or gum in your vehicle as an offering to these customers is a small investment that could pay off.

Some Ideas

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Like with any service, the more amenities you offer your UBER passengers the higher their rating of you will be. The most useful and important of these is a charging station. If you don’t have an adapter in the back of your car, you can get charging docks that extend to the backseat fairly inexpensively. If you want to offer this service to your passengers, make sure you have both Android and iPhone chargers available.

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Respectful Music

Spending all day in your car, it is natural to want to drive to music. Make sure that music is tasteful, not obscene, and not turned up too loud. Playing popular music, classical, or smooth jazz are all good options. If the passenger requests different music, play it for them if you can. If you’re playing popular music, they might ask you to turn it up. If they ask for you to turn it off altogether, do so.

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Be Pleasant but Not Talkative

If the passenger wants to talk to you during your drive, be pleasant and engage with them. However, many passengers will not want to talk or chit chat during their trip. Don’t force conversation or talk too much.

Use Navigation

The best way to make sure that you get a 5-star rating from every passenger is to make sure their trip is as short as possible, both in mileage and time. Not only does this get them there faster, it also saves them money. If there is more than one route to your destination and they are close in time, ask the passenger if they have a preferred route. They may enjoy a drive through the backroads rather than the interstate.

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Be Willing to Help with Luggage

Most people should be able to handle their own luggage, but if someone has a large amount of luggage offering them a hand will go a long way toward improving their opinion of you. Likewise, if a child or smaller woman has heavy luggage, helping them is courteous and just makes sense. The further you go for your passengers the higher your rating will be.

Check the Pax’s Rating

Passengers with a low rating on UBER are usually extremely difficult to work with, and thus are less likely to leave you a 5-star rating. Many drivers check the Pax rating before they accept the ride. This can save you a lot of trouble and keep your overall average rating higher.

Avoid Burnout

It is easy to get burnout running rides day in and day out, especially if you have other things going on in your life. Keeping a positive attitude and avoiding burnout will automatically make you more pleasant with passengers and help your ratings stay high. Do what you can to avoid burnout and remain positive, even if it means going offline for a day or two.

Some Ideas

  • Stay social and go out with friends
  • Stay healthy by maintaining a good diet
  • Stay fit by going to the gym, jogging, biking or hiking
  • Stay rested by getting solid, regular sleep
  • Stay passionate and make time for your hobbies

End the Ride on a Pleasant Note

Turn to your passenger and say, “Have a good day/night,” and if they thank you, tell them “It was my pleasure.” How your passenger feels when the ride is over is what will determine their rating of you. This common courtesy and basic customer service approach will go a long way toward ensuring high ratings.

Bottom Line

In the end, it really boils down to being courteous, polite, and offering the same great customer service that you would expect from anyone else in any business. UBER and Lyft are customer service jobs, even though they offer a lot more flexibility than traditional employment. Treat it as a customer service job, aim to make every customer satisfied, and you will be more likely to have 5-star ratings every time.

Did we miss anything? Do you agree with our list or have anything to add? Please share your personal tips for all but guaranteeing a 5 star rating from your passengers BELOW! Also, we welcome you to join our Facebook group where drivers come to connect and share stories!


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