Uber Eats App to Include Dine-in Options

uber eats app dine-in option

Uber, not content with delivering meals to their users, is testing a brand new concept— Uber Dine-In. This option lets the hungry Uber Eats customers to order their meal on the Uber Eats app and dine in the restaurant.

If all goes well, Uber Eats Dine-In takes away booking or waiting for a table; choosing your meal in the restaurant and waiting for your food. The dine-in option guarantees freshly prepared meals when you get to the restaurant. With many establishments aboard, it might open eyes to the variety of cuisine offered in their neighborhood. The option could even entice you to discover new favorites.

How Does the Dine-In Option Work in the Uber Eats App?

If you’re hungry, have a hot date, or planning a family gathering, use Uber Dine-In. With the Uber eats app, you could check out menus, pricing, and reviews. Once you decide on a restaurant, you can choose to get the meal quickly by selecting A.S.A.P. You could also choose to receive notifications about the preparation of your meals and when you should be at the restaurant.

The other option is to select a preferred time to dine in. Just like Uber Eats, you pay for the meal on the app itself. If you want to order more food later on — like dessert, coffee, or a couple of cocktails— you could do it separately. This is essentially making a reservation for a table, ordering and paying in one easy, streamlined process. Tips can also be part of the process, and all of those go to the restaurant for its employees.

Why Would Uber Eats Offer This?

It lessens the demand for Uber drivers delivering the food and is an easy way for the company to make money. Instead of the customer paying a delivery fee, the restaurant itself pays a variable fee to Uber. Additionally, Uber Dine-In strengthens the company’s footprint with the restaurant industry and heightening brand awareness.

Although Uber Dine-In sounds like a great idea, some restaurants chose not to participate. Common concerns include quality control among those who might embrace this business plan.

Sounds Good! Is Uber Dine-In Currently Available near me?


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At present, Uber Dine-In is only available in four test markets- Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, and San Diego. If it becomes successful, however, we can expect Uber Dine-In to be available in major cities.

Can I Uber to the Restaurant

Certainly! While you wait for Uber Dine-In to become available in your area, why not Uber your way to and fro your chosen restaurant?

Are Any Other Companies Offering a Similar Service?

As of this writing, there is only one company offering a similar service in the country.

AllSet, a San Francisco-based company started their service four years ago. They currently operate in eleven major U.S. cities with plans for expansion. They have received significant media press and reviews for their service.

It is easy to imagine that if the concept takes off, other meal delivery companies will follow and have their own versions of the service. DoorDash, Postmates, and GrubHub— I am looking at you!


Having many years of restaurant management under my belt, the logistics of maintaining smooth and quality service in a multitude of restaurants is not an easy task to take on.

In a busy multi-chain quick full-service concept— logistics multiply. Timing both in the kitchen and the dining room need to be impeccable while maintaining top-notch food quality control. If and when Uber Dine-in is made available in my area, I shall be keen to try it— and share my experience with you.

It’s amazing how Uber is constantly innovating the transportation and delivery industries. It wasn’t too long ago when we learned about urban air mobility and Uber Copter, which is set to start anytime soon! Now, we have Uber Dine-In to be excited about!


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