Uber Elevate Summit: Bringing Urban Air Mobility into Reality

Uber Elevate - Skyports

Last week, Uber had their third Uber Elevate Summit and they had us flying in possibilities. Those of us who grew up watching Back to the Future know that “flying cars” have been promised us since the 1980s. Well, they are not here just yet.

If Uber has its way, however, they will be using flying taxis (essentially electric powered helicopters) to airports in as soon as four years. The company plans to offer the service first in Dallas and Los Angeles. For their international location, Uber will be offering the service in Melbourne, Australia. In a few years, they will become commonplace to anybody living in- or traveling to- a major world city.

Uber Elevates Airports

Uber understands that many people use their service to get to and from airports. These commutes are oftentimes very stressful for drivers and passengers alike. Only a few things stress me out. But when a frenzied passenger climbs into my vehicle and tells me his plane will be taking off in ninety minutes- and we have a forty-minute commute through Los Angeles- my palms begin to sweat.

Signature Flight Support

The rideshare giant partnered with ‘Signature Flight Support,’ a company with a physical presence at over 200 airports worldwide. Together, they plan to transform airport roofs into futuristic looking sky-ports with the lower levels used still being used for traditional parking. They call this service Uber Air.

Although Uber hasn’t announced prices yet, people suspect that the self-piloting electric vehicles cost about $700.00 an hour to keep in flight and will only have about four seats. At first, it will be a premium service for the well-heeled traveler. As with most things that cost a fortune, the price could eventually drop as the industry develops new technology. To use the service, you’ll have to go through the traditional app.

These self-piloting vertical take-off vehicles will begin testing as soon as next year.


With Uber Copter set to start in New York next month, it appears that the company isn’t slowing down in trying to innovate transportation. Uber Elevate is part of their strategy to dominate in all methods of transportation in all parts of the globe.

The future, it appears, is now.


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