Oops! Uber Passengers charged 100 times their fare

Uber Charges Passengers 10 Times Fare

Yet another bug has surfaced in the news regarding Uber’s recent software stability issues. With a failing IPO, a loss of their exclusive McDonald’s contract with Uber Eats, and rising protests Uber can hardly afford these kinds of mistakes. Just two weeks ago the Uber platform came under fire for a bug that sent drivers to the rider’s destination and not their pickup location. So when news broke the Uber had charged some passengers nearly 100 times what their promised fare was, you can be sure they were on high alert. 

What happened?

Well, according to reports from people on Twitter, some riders were being charged up to $1000 dollars on short trips. The story was first broken by the Washinton Post, whose Social Media director took to Twitter. His receipt showed a fare of $1,238 for what was supposed to be a $12.38 ride. He was not the only one, hundreds more took to Twitter and other social media outlets to express their dismay.

Uber Responded by saying that they found the glitch and fixed it…but…

This is the killer part of this story, Uber responded stating they fixed the glitch. However, in many cases, it would take in excess of five days to restore the funds to the affected customers. Could you imagine, you are taking a ride in the Uber and then your accounts are frozen or worse, overdrawn? Uber claims that the bug was the result of a service interruption that caused the system to hold higher amounts of funds from riders accounts.

How does something like this happen?

This is a common occurrence at locations like gas stations where the amount of the purchase is not determined at the outset. They do this to ensure that the rider has sufficient funds to cover the maximum cost of a ride, but this time it bit them in the behind.

What does it mean for Uber?

Well, to be honest, those who were affected by the glitch may never use the service ever again. However, it isn’t going to affect the larger portion of Uber’s business, which is largely entrenched. But it does not bode well for a company that is struggling to maintain a certain image. Riders are one of the few populations that are still amiable towards the rideshare giant. If they continue to “Rob Peter to pay Paul“, they could be looking at a situation that continues to degrade.

The part that is really going to end up hurting Uber is how they’ve handled this mess. There were no formal apologies for the screw-up. In fact, the responses have largely been judged as careless. Many riders lives were tremendously affected by the glitch and Uber has hardly done anything to allay their concerns. As of today many of the riders who were overcharged are still suffering.

Did you experience this glitch? Riders and Drivers we want to hear from you!

Were you one of the riders that were affected by the glitch? Have you seen the funds restored to your account yet? Were you maybe a rider who got a seriously large payout? We want to know how you were affected by this latest SNAFU. Let us know!


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