Every Phone Number Uber Drivers Need – Get in Contact with an Actual Uber Rep Quickly

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Have you ever needed a phone number in a hurry? Often, it’s always when you find it difficult to make a call. You may have been driving for a few weeks or maybe a few years. Ever wonder what’s the most essential phone number every driver needs? It’s not just the Uber phone number you need to have in your speed dial.

Here’s a list of phone numbers you need to have.

Uber Phone Number for Support: 1-800-593-7069

Uber support is your hotline to a live representative. Save it in your phone contacts NOW if you haven’t yet!

When you need it quickly, finding it in the app is not as easy as finding it in your contacts. You will pat yourself on the back when you need it and realize you have it in your contacts list — just a quick click or voice request away.

Driving for rideshare is rewarding. However, it can at times be confusing with all of the Terms of Service changes, safety issues, or just general information a driver may need.

No one wants to waste time and money searching for the Uber phone support number. Fortunately, Uber has improved its phone support over the last few years. If you have a clear idea of why you are calling, your call will usually take under 15 minutes.

Just a disclaimer: I have had a call or two that took over 45 minutes to obtain the fair solution I was due.

While you may easily find answers to mostly anything about your rideshare business in the app, there will be times when you may need to call Uber. It’s important to note that when calling Uber support, they will never EVER ask you for any information other than to verify your phone number. Never give out your social security number, banking information, or additional identifying PERSONAL information over the phone!

Reasons You May Need to Call Phone Support

uber accident phone support
Uber Phone Support
  • Accidents while signed in to the app
  • Follow up with trip adjustment requests or other earning issues
  • submitting documents/replacing documents
  • Uber Eats delivery issues
  • Any vehicle discrepancy (for example Uber had a glitch that listed most drivers as having Camrys, regardless of what type of vehicle a driver has registered).
  • Issues with a passenger (including minors requesting rides, inappropriate serious behavior from a passenger such as touching you, threatening you, or making you or another rider feel unsafe).
  • Toll related issues not recognized by App

These are just the most common reasons. Feel free to call them with any driver-related issue or passenger question that you can’t seem to find answers to via the App.

What to Expect When Calling Uber’s Phone Number

  • You will immediately be prompted to choose a number option for why you are calling.
  • You will be given an option for Spanish-speaking Drivers at this time.

It will speed things along if you already know which category your issue or question falls in. If your category is not listed, choose the closest matching category. It’s best to listen to ALL the options because Uber changes them often.

  • The option number you choose will give you more options that are specifically broken down.
  • DO NOT press zero repeatedly as this will disconnect your call!
  • Once you are transferred to the phone queue, your call can be answered within 1- 10 minutes.
  • Be patient. Once you are on the line with phone support, you may have difficulty understanding the support person who has answered your call. Often they are answering your question from a script. This can be frustrating, but in most cases, it will work itself out with patience.
  • If your support person is unable to satisfactorily solve your issue, you can request they escalate it to a supervisor. I prefer texting within App for this as there is a paper trail to track the responses.
  • You may also call back or ask to be transferred to another support person. This is often a good way to diffuse a frustrating call.

What NOT to Do When You Call Uber’s Phone Support

It may seem obvious, but often Drivers are rushed and trying to minimize time on the phone so they can get back to riding.

  • Do NOT initially give too many details
  • Do NOT cuss at your support person
  • Do NOT threaten your support person
  • Do NOT EXAGGERATE circumstances
  • Do NOT call to have a low rating removed
  • Do NOT call for a life/death emergency
  • Do not call for earnings delays less than a few hours old. These usually work themselves out.

Other Important Numbers

Now, let’s talk about the other important numbers you should have in your list of contacts. These numbers will vary for the area you drive in or will be specific to you. It’s good to keep several of them listed by the city.

  • Local police or sheriff desk phone number (NOT the 911 number). Use this to report items left by passengers that appear illegal in nature, or any issues that is NOT a life or death emergency that requires 911
  • Roadside assistance number that is often unique to your insurance policy or plan
  • Insurance phone number. Again, this should be in your important documents. But it’s better to have it on your phone too so you can quickly access it when you need it.
  • Of course, always keep an ICE (In Case Of Emergency) for your personal emergency contact.

Always call 911 for a life or death emergency or if you feel like you are in immediate danger!

The Uber phone number for support makes it easy to get help when you need it. It’s especially essential for new drivers who are just learning the ropes of how to be an Uber driver. This way, you could get back to making money on the road sooner. But make sure you also have other emergency contacts on your phone. In the event that you get into an accident, stay calm, and go on your speed dial.

Keep those wheels rolling and dollars flowing while having the peace of mind that you know who to call during an emergency.


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