Uber Pro Program: Expanding Opportunity to All U.S. Drivers

Uber pro

The pilot program for Uber Pro has officially ended. As of August 1st, Uber Pro will be expanding to every city in the United States. This means that every qualified U.S. driver can now participate in the program. Uber released a statement about the success of Uber Pro at the beginning of the month, touting how much drivers love the program. In large part, Uber appears to be going all-in on the Uber Pro program as one of their primary public relations goals.

What can drivers expect from Uber Pro’s expansion?

Well, if you are a driver that has not previously tested or driven with Uber Pro, you can expect quite a few changes. Your app will update and you will have access to the Uber Pro Tiers including Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each tier is unlocked by giving rides and accumulating points. Depending on how many rides you give in a three month period you will unlock a specific tier with specific benefits.

Thousands more are taking advantage of numerous Uber Pro rewards, the most popular of which include 100% tuition coverage at ASU online, the ability to see the duration of a trip in advance, and faster pickups at airports.

The three largest benefits of Uber Pro, so far…

Uber pro

Thus far the Uber Pro program has been a work in progress. Though there are a few really helpful benefits, the overall experience has been received with a luke-warm reception. However, despite the slow-start, it appears that Uber Pro is Uber’s way of reaching across the aisle to their drivers. If you are new to Uber Pro, the following three benefits are some that you might want to take a look at.

Up to 15% Cash-Back on Gas with the Uber Debit Card

You cannot get a better deal on a gas card, period. If you are a Diamond level driver, which is not an easy feat for most, you can expect up to 15% cashback on gas purchases at qualifying stores. But don’t worry, you will also receive a discount that scales back for each tier below. For more info on gas cards check out my article.

Fair Credits to get you into a new ride

Depending on your location you will receive credits to the Fair program. Fair is the child of the Uber Leasing Exchange program. It provides Uber drivers with an inexpensive, flexible way to get into a new ride. I personally use Fair, and if you’d like to learn more, check out my article.

Finally, the ASU Online Tuition Coverage is amazing…

Look guys and gals, Uber won’t be around forever. Which means many drivers need to find away to scale up. Uber and Uber Pro have devised such a path for the drivers. If you are a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond driver with over 3,000 rides in your history you qualify for 100% tuition coverage for a degree at ASU Online. The coolest part is that this is transferable to a family member. Need to get your kid into a good school? Uber has got your back.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, Uber Pro is still a work in progress, but keep your eyes peeled for new benefits to hit the program in the future. Uber Pro will also be expanding into Australia, Canada and New Zealand according to the press release.


  1. Its crap. What we need is the return of surges. In Austin, we are STARVING. Talking problems of epic propotions. Uber has completely eliminated surge and multiplier, nixed ALL promotions, and introduced truly useless “perks” via Uber Pro. Looks like its back to cubicle work for me.
    We are only promised the freedom to pursue happiness, we arent promised happiness. I understand that. But after 25 years of red white and blue objects being thrust up my backside professionally, and being to blame when i object to such treatment….im very, very close to calling it a wash and dropping out in favor of the public assistance game. The thought of taking instead of giving for a change is more appealing than ever.


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