Uber Pro Takes on the Global Market


Well, its finally here, Uber is rolling out their Uber Pro program globally. Drivers in the United States have had it for several months now, but the question remains, is this something drivers really want?

What is Uber Pro?

The San Fransisco rideshare giant Uber has tested and rolled out its pilot programs for this driver-focused benefits package in the states. So, if you are in an overseas market, you might be asking, what is Uber Pro?

Uber Pro is Uber’s attempt to rebrand itself as a driver-centric rideshare business. How are they doing it? The program offers an array of perks that —at face value— trump the old perks. Older driver perks included discounted maintenance at select vendors, among other things, so what makes Uber Pro better?

Uber pro

Uber Pro features killer perks like getting additional pay per ride based on your tier and discounted maintenance packages. You could also get faster rematch times for rides, and a full-ride in college at ASU Online University. Now, some of these features might only be available to drivers in the U.S., so what can international drivers expect?

Drivers in the U.S. say…

Well, don’t expect too much. The majority of drivers polled on the topic have overwhelmingly sounded off in favor of better pay rather than a half-baked benefits package. It is clear that the Uber Pro Program is part of a campaign by Uber to rebrand its faltering image. Recent news reports and strikes by Uber drivers and advocate groups have brought the pay issue into the public consciousness.

It is evident to most drivers that this is their attempt to fix the problem, without really fixing it. This program began to roll out right before their IPO, a not so veiled attempt to soothe market concerns amid strikes.

Most drivers would favor a return to higher pay rates, especially if Uber and Lyft are continuing their hardline stance on the issue of whether or not to declare drivers as contractors or employees.

So what is good about Uber Pro?


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In my opinion, as an Uber Pro Diamond driver, the program is a good start. However, it is far from complete. Faster rematches, cash back for fuel, discounted maintenance, and a handful of other sorts of valuable items help set up what could become a great program. If —and that is where it really sits— if it weren’t for the 100% tuition paid option to attend ASU Online University, which is a great online school, it wouldn’t be more than a band-aid.

What can they do to improve it?

Well, listen to the drivers — not just the ones in the U.S., but also the international drivers and see what they truly want. Uber Pro will be rolling out in different markets, starting in Mexico, India, and expanding outward. While they do so, it is imperative that Uber adds value to the program. As I said, the program seems like a good start, but it is far from complete.

Uber Pro has not been the same from market to market here in the states. Internationally, it could provide an even bigger testing ground for Uber to figure out what drivers in each region want.

As Uber and other rideshare companies continue to battle rising costs and try to keep themselves in a growth-based economy, expect drivers to suffer more. Not only will our “benefits” not measure up, but our pay looks to decrease even more before it gets better.

We want to hear from you international drivers!

We’ve heard from our U.S. drivers, but we want to know how Uber Pro is doing in your market! Let us know what sort of perks you see in your app? Comment here and let’s see if we can make Uber better together.


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