(VIDEO): Vegas Uber Driver Attacked By Two Young Passengers

Vegas Uber Driver Attacked By Two Passengers

Well, here’s something sure to get your blood boiling today.

Last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, an Uber driver was sucker punched by two young passengers after he had cancelled their UberPool request due to his suspicion they were underage.

Watch the anger inducing video, below:

The man in video (who chooses not to real his name), suffered a broken cheekbone. Although a bit shaken up, Fox News reported he still continues to drive the area.

Thankfully, Vegas police arrested the men caught on camera (seriously folks, get a dash cam – there are some affordably decent ones on Amazon).

Stay safe out there drivers.


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Drivers: Have you ever been in a similarly terrifying situation? What safety precautions do you take as a driver? Share with us below.


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