Become An Approved Writer for UBER Driver Things

The amount of interest from you guys has been astounding. We’ve seen first hand just how many of you in the world of rideshare have a knack for writing. Whether in person, through forums, Facebook groups or blog comments, all of us have a take and want to be heard.

We at UBER Driver Things have a vision. A vision to empower drivers through the experience, wisdom and support of your fellow driver. From the get-go, we want the content on our site to be organic – power for the driver, powered by the driver. That’s you! UBER Driver Things is your megaphone, your platform!

Here’s How it Works

Each week we will have various topics available for assignment. The topics vary in subject:

  • Current Events / News
  • Advice Articles
  • Guides & ‘How To’ Articles
  • Opinion Articles
  • And more

To start, everyone will have equal opportunity to be awarded a topic. Though, one way to stand out from the crowd is to be an active participant in our Facebook group and/or website forums. As our writing program takes off, we will assign topics based on seniority. Those who follow deadlines, topical instructions and develop insightful and engaging content will be awarded articles consistently. Our active writers also gain access to free products (for review or just because) and other incentives.

Oh, and did we mention we’d pay you for your contributions? This is a great way to supplement your driving income!

Here’s a sample of upcoming topics for assignment:

  • How to Become an Uber Driver in 2019 – The Ultimate Guide [3,500 words] – $175
  • Everything you need to do to treat your Uber (or Lyft) driving as a business [2,000 words] – $100
  • So Drivers, What Would Be Fair Compensation Driving for Uber? [2,000 words] – $100
  • Let’s Talk Uber Fees. Here’s What Uber’s Pay Cut Looks Like in 2019 [2,000 words] – $100
  • Product Review: Anker QC3.0 Dual Fast Car Charger [1,500 words] – $75

Beginning in May we will send an e-mail notification to all writers as well as publish all topics for assignment (with descriptive direction bullet points) on our website. Writers will gain access to our weekly topic calendar at minimum 2 weeks before an article is to be published on our website. Typically, writers are given at minimum one week to have an article completed (drafts and final edits should be submitted within this time period).

Here are a few ways to get approved as an UDT Writer (only one required):

  • Send us a sample of your previous works (whether blog, newspaper or school write-up)
  • Show us proof of your active (value-adding) participation in our Facebook group or forum discussions
  • Send us a minimum 400 word guest post article on an engaging rideshare topic of your choice to be featured on UBER Driver Things (will include article credit and up to 1 do-follow link [per 200 words] to relevant websites of your choice – ie: your blog, website, etc.).

To inquire about becoming an Approved UDT Writer, please fill out the form below:

How long have you been a rideshare driver?
Less than 3 months3-12 months1-2 years3-5 years6+ years

Do you have experience writing?

What is your highest level of education?
Less than high schoolHigh school diplomaSome collegeAssociate’s degreeBachelor’s degreeMaster’s degreeDoctoral degree

How many articles per month are you interested in writing (average 2,000 words per article)?

Are you active in our UBER Driver Things Facebook Group or website forum?

Don't have an example link of your work or aren't an active member in our Facebook group or website forum? Would you like to submit an article to gain 'Approved Writer' status? If so, select the first option below, submit this form and go here to submit your article.
I'd like to submit an articleNo, I'll do the above two

*All submissions will be reviewed within 24-48 hours. We will notify you within that time period via e-mail your status of approval.