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We’ve seen just how many of you in the world of rideshare are itching to be heard. We want to amplify your voice, so we created this community. UBER Driver Things is your megaphone, your platform! So, to help us get started, we’re announcing our Drivers Only Writing Program.

Get Your Article Published on the Site

All drivers are welcomed to submit for a topic(s). From the get-go, we want the content on our site to be organic – power for the driver, powered by the driver. That’s you!


  • You must actively drive for Uber, Lyft or any of the popular delivery services
  • Your content must be 100% unique
  • Consider the target audience, your fellow drivers
  • Have an opening and closing paragraph
  • Grammar and spelling matters
  • Cite any sources or your own proof material (images, screenshots, documents, etc.)
  • 3-5 relevant links that match the article’s intent are allowed

Here’s an article by WordStream that offers great advice on writing a blog post.


  • We try to get all applicants involved, however, paid articles are assigned to the applicant deemed most suitable for each topic
  • If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, consider participating in our driver’s forum, Facebook group or submitting an article to our open blog
  • Please allow for 24-72 hours upon submission for your article to be approved
  • Feedback will be provided in most cases to articles that require author adjustments
  • Compensation is made immediately upon article completion and approval via PayPal

Current Paid Topics Available

TopicWord CountPayout
So how much do Uber & Lyft Drivers Make, Really?1,250-1,500$40.00
All Things Every New Driver Should Have In Order Before They Start Driving for Uber or LyftAssigned2,000-2,500Agreed
What Drivers should do when they’ve been in an accident (Guide)1,500-2,000$50.00
Everything you need to do to treat your Uber (or Lyft) driving as a business1,500-2,000$50.00
What one driver’s ENTIRE 2018 looked like (a “tell all” that covers a driver’s experiences – finances, stories, etc.)1,500-2,000Agreed
Scams to Avoid As An Uber or Lyft Driver500-750Agreed
Everything You Need to Prepare for Tax Season as an Uber or Lyft Driver1,500-2,000$50.00
Product Review: Cargo1,500-2,000$50.00
Product Review: Surf Tablet1,500-2,000$50.00

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How much do Uber & Lyft Drivers make?What drivers should do when they've been in an accident (Guide)Everything you need to do to treat your driving as a businessWhat one drivers entire 2018 looked likeScams you need to avoid as an Uber or Lyft driverEverything You Need to Prepare for Tax Season as an Uber or Lyft DriverProduct Review: CargoProduct Review: Surf TabletI have a topic suggestion I'd like to write for

Please tell us a little about yourself. Anything that pertains to your topic submission and can offer us a glimpse of your amazing writing skills! (50-100 words)